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Welcome to Mom's Store Nepal 🙏🙏🙏

Mom’s Store Nepal is a social enterprise that provides affordable clothes for new parents following sustainability practices with ease of access. It encourages people to reuse, recycle and introduces new products through upcycling helping used clothes to bring into the circular economy.

Humanity is consuming natural resources faster than they can be replenished.It would take 1.7 Earths to sustain current global rates of consumption as per international research organisation Global Footprint Network. The linear economy, based on the manufacture, consumption, and disposal of basic products following the ‘take-make-dispose’ plan has become a public concern in recent years due to the result of resource-intensive production processes and the increase in the amount of waste sent to landfill.Textile production consumes large amounts of water and energy and often utilizes toxic chemicals that pollute the environment and is considered as one of the largest producers of greenhouse gas (GHG). The disposal of unwanted textiles also adversely affects the environment. We can make sustainable choices to reduce the impact of our wardrobe.

COVID-19 has hardly hit the economy and exacerbated hardships for low-income parents. In Nepal, 25.2% of people live below the national poverty line (Poverty: Nepal, 2020) and the rate of fertility is 1.92 children per woman(Nepal - Fertility Rate, Total (births Per Woman) - 1960-2018 Data | 2020 Forecast, 2020). There are parents who can raise their children(s) providing all the basic needs but for few, it's quite difficult. There are some households/moms who can’t afford to buy baby clothes but must have access to affordable neat and hygienic baby clothes. Most do not wash and dry by washing machines so it takes time to dry clothes. On the other hand, there are some parents who have clothes which are even not much used as babies grow so quickly and become unfit for them, but still in good condition. The wastage that’s created by used clothes is ginormous.

Mom’s Store Nepal has setup a process where people can calculate their fashion footprint usage, buy, sell and donate preloved clothes, and has also introduces new sustainable clothes. It is also conducting awarness program to make fashion footprints sustainable. Join us in our sustainable movement here .